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Air-Network – Wireless Distribution Network provides efficient Wireless Wi-Fi DISTRIBUTION to a number of mobile and wireless user devices in your premises, implementation of radio transmitters and repeater stations to cover a large cell coverage area.

Air-Network – Wireless Distribution Network in extension can provide a long distance backhaul connection Point-to-Point connection between branches and implementation of wireless Base Stations, Repeaters Stations and a central Network Operating Center (NOC) to control all branches or cell centers.

The days of employees reluctance to work and dilly dallying attitudes are over. Now all employees attitudes are being composed and checked with a new sense of commitment, having known that they are being monitored in live streams even at the headquarters.


Air-Network Solution provides full multimedia communication and data access control to save cost, time, improves productivity and other benefits as follows:

Company Intercoms Solution (Free inter-branch mobile or desk phones Calls)

Virtual Private Network Support (Hosting of files and Network Resources)

Reduce Internet Subscription Amount (Shares one Internet Subscription for all)

Supports Video Conferencing (For virtual real-time meetings between branch)

Branch Monitoring (Using CCTV to monitor and regulate operational standards)

Minimized Downtime (Maintenance downtime will be planed and scheduled)

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