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IP Surveillance system provides real-time video surveillance and recordings, which is very useful in homes, offices and industrial environments for video evidence, protection of lives, assets, and investments, improving employee’s productivity and enhancing business operations etc. Mostly implemented for safety and security purposes, to monitor and observe suspicious movements, important places including all entry and exit points or for bosses to monitor employee’s activities.

The days of employees reluctancy to work and dilly dallying attitudes are over. Now all employees attitudes are being composed and checked with a new sense of commitment, having known that they are being monitored in live streams even at the headquarters.


Remote Viewing can be activated in the system to allow configured internet enabled devices to view remotely through a security restrictions access authentication. For companies with multiple branches, our Air-Network solution can make it easy to view and operate all branches from one location, maybe the Head Quarter branch (configured as the Network Operating Centre (NOC)).


Increases Staffs/Workers Productivity

Reduces Security Risk

Deter thieves and Criminals

Protects Lives and Properties

Provides Video Evidence

Live Alert (SMS/E-Mail/Alarm)

Day and Night Recording

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